Thank you for your interest in this genealogical website for the descendants of James McDaniel, Sr. of Frederick County, Maryland, USA who died in either 1774 or 1775 AD. This site is for those family genealogists who have traced back to James Sr. using the standard paper trail tools, such as censuses, court records, etc., but have reached a stone wall in their search for information before 1747 AD., when James Sr. acquired his property of “Golloway” in Frederick County, Maryland, USA (see the Historical Documents page).

The originators of this website hit that stone wall around 1985 AD., and have been stymied ever since. However, the new tool of genetic genealogy offers possible hope in breaking through the stone wall of a lack of a paper trail. To this end, we are looking for ALL possible male descendants who have a reliable paper trail of unbroken patrilineal descent from James Sr. to join our Y-DNA project, whether they have a surname of McDaniel, or one of its variants, or not.

Known Facts:

The Y-DNA testing done to date has yielded some very interesting information:
  1. James Sr. is a member of the R-M222 “Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots” haplogroup.
  2. James Sr. was NOT descended from Immigrant/Lt. Brian McDonald of Newcastle, De.
For further information regarding these findings, see below and the News page.

Project Outline:

This project is a branch off the Clan Donald DNA Project, which is focusing on the traditional patrilineal ancestry of the Clan Donald Chiefs; that is, on the genetic make-up of the men of the main Clan Donald family line which is composed of the descendants of Somerled, the progenitor of Donald. Instead, our goal for this project is to establish a “reliable” Y-DNA template, or haplotype, for James Sr. to use in conjunction with the general Clan Donald and FTDNA Y-DNA data, as well as any other reliable databases, to find out from whom James Sr. is descended.

For those family genealogists who are not yet familiar with genetic genealogy, the ISOGG Wiki is a good place to start. Very briefly, STR markers define haplotypes, which are Y-DNA signatures of “close” or recently shared male ancestor family groups, while SNP markers define haplogroups, which are Y-DNA signatures of “broad” or more distantly shared male ancestor family groups. So for two men to be genetically related, they must both belong to the same haplogroup AND have an exact or closely matching haplotype.

For those who are familiar with the subject, the intent in this James Sr. project is to use a rigorous testing protocol that includes not only a Y-DNA67 or Y-DNA111 haplotype STR marker test, but also a NGS Y-DNA “deep clade” haplogroup SNP marker test. As has now been verified, James Sr. is a member of the R-M222 “Northwest Irish/Lowland Scots” haplogroup, so ALL of his male descendants MUST also belong to this haplogroup. Thus, the comparison of the Y-DNA67 or Y-DNA111 STR markers can then be made to build a “reliable” James Sr. Y-DNA template or modal haplotype. In other words, we want to ensure that the modal haplotype being developed for James Sr. is being made among a very winnowed group of men; e. g., not just comparing apples to apples, but comparing Gala apples with Gala apples while avoiding comparisons of Gala apples with Jonagold apples, or Fuji apples, etc.

We look forward to all interested and eligible men joining this James McDaniel, Sr. Y-DNA project. Ladies, as this is a male specific test, you cannot participate in the project directly; however, if you have any male relatives who fit the criteria, please contact them and urge them to participate. Thanks for everyone’s interest and support.

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